Review is a free online HTML5 game. It follows the trend recently of .io games that can be fully played within a web-browser. Similar to the flash games of yesteryear but more functional and full of features.

A friend recently recommended Starblast to me over Steam chat. I was bored at the time so how could I not. I clicked the link. Surely, one of the main advantages of having a free online HTML5 game that doesn’t need registration or account activation is that anyone can pick it up quickly and start playing; and that’s what I did.

The game is pretty simple on the surface. You start off piloting a star-fighter ship and can either engage in star-fights or mine asteroids for gems. The mechanics of the game are straight-forward. You only need about 2-5 keys to play the game. I was able to use the mouse for all my movement and firing. However, the engagements against other star-fighters can really showcase pilot skill and prowess. This game definitely falls into the category of “easy to learn, difficult to master”. It has a level of depth to it which makes it appealing and fun.

Once you’ve collected an amount of gems from your mining or slain opponents, you can either upgrade your ship with new traits or you can upgrade yourself to a new more powerful ship.

Ship Tech Tree by Loveship

Its hard to summarize all the different types of ships and scenarios you will find yourself in this game. My favorite game mode to play was team-mode in which you work with other pilots to mine gems and level up your base to unlock higher tiered ships to use in the match. This game mode saw some interesting teamwork and ganking throughout. This is definitely a game that would give players a great opportunity to work together and organize in something like a Mumble or Discord server.

The visuals are pretty respectable. Its an HTML5 game so its not expected to have AAA graphics. Besides, the graphics that it does have are extremely nice for something that loads right up and plays in the web-browser. It looks far better than something like The sounds in the game are pretty straight-forwards its mostly lasers being shot, engines accelerating, and asteroids or players exploding. The music is definitely atrocious, but that could be because I played this game for several hours and the music loops and becomes repetitive and stale very quickly. No worries though, as there is an option in the menu to disable the music. I really wish there was a menu in-game to disable it though.

A group of players taunt their opponents.The social features are somewhat limited. Communicating in game is limited to just a few emoticons. However, I found this charming in its own right. Creative use of the limited selection of expressions makes communicating with other players special in an odd way. When you join a  game, you can share the room URL with your friends so they can join up as well, which is a welcome feature.
A player pursues another through an Asteroid belt.

Overall, I found this game to be quite an enjoyable play over the weekend. I would recommend anyone who likes, science-fiction, or dogfighting to check it out. The developers have been quite active and can be seen often communicating with players in forums and on message boards. is really a fun to play browser-based shoot ’em up. In many ways it feels like what Asteriods or Space Invaders could have only dreamed to be. Spoils of a Internet age, I suppose. Grab a group of friends and go play either in team mode or take your changes in the free-for-all rooms available! Good luck!

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  1. I feel like I should note, the music itself isn’t bad. Its just that it loops nonstop endlessly. The music itself is actually quite pleasant and nice.

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