Ex-NeoGaf Mod Sentanced to Two Years of Prison for Child Pornography

A former moderator of the gaming forum NeoGaf, Christopher “Amir0x” Goldberg has been sentenced to two years of state prison time after a judge passed down a verdict concerning a charge against him of possession of child pornography. In November of 2017, Goldberg had entered a guilty plea to multiple counts of child pornography.

NeoGafis is an online gaming forum known for aggressive political moderation and its anti GamerGate stance that many of its leadership had taken against the consumer/gamer movement. GamerGate was a controversy and movement that was meant to liberate gaming journalism from nepotism and unethical journalism.

Goldberg had been arrested in June of 2017 has part of a child pornography sting operation.

According to the Pocono Record, a local news outlet, authorities found 53 pictures of child pornography on his cell phone and others on his computer. Goldberg told detectives that he has many fetishes and had downloaded many different types of pornography including. Goldberg said that downloading these images was an outlet for his “urges”.

According to Goldberg’s defense attorney, Jim Gregor, “Mr Goldberg has accepted full responsibility for his actions and is now attending treatment programs (for his disorder)”.

Christopher “Amir0x” Goldberg, 32, of Jasmine Drive in A Pocono Country Place

As a convicted sex offender, Goldberg must now register his whereabouts with law enforcement for fifteen years after his sentencing. His Internet access will also be restricted and he cannot have any unsupervised contact with any children.

To learn more about what GamerGate is/was, check this quick video out or this in-depth article.

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