GamersByte is a revolution of the gaming news and media. Our mission is to create the best source of honest gaming journalism for gamers. We’d also love to make GamersByte a great community for gamers across the world. Our values include: free speech, liberty, and community. You will not find abusive or controlling mods here. Essentially, GamersByte aims to provide gamers with quality information, great ethics, and a strong and healthy community of like-minded gamers to associate themselves with and network with.

Our software and platform

GamersByte also runs entirely on free (libre) and open source software. We also do our own analytics and do not use data gathering networks to spy on our users. Our software also honors do not track requests. We do not collect or sell information about you at all.

Our History

GamersByte has its origin rooted in authentic gaming culture. GamersByte was originally formed in 2003 as a gaming clan called “The Infidels”. This group primarily played Unreal Tournament. We played together, trained together, and enjoyed our passion for gaming together. We fought strangers, made new friends, and grew respect for each other as competitors. This is the essence we still hold and cherish today. A lot has changed since 2003, and this community has been retooled and rebuilt to serve the broader gaming community. We believe that gamers are not being provided a professional and reliable source of journalism for their interest. However, we continue our tradition of upholding a brotherhood of gamers by fostering a natural gaming community and serving gamers honest information.


In 2014, it had been exposed that much of the gaming press and media had become incestuous, corrupt, and unacceptably biased. This was primarily exposed in a phenomena called “GamersGate” which revealed that much of the gaming media and press had nothing but contempt and disdain for its own audience and gamers. The gamers that fought back against this were able to expose that many of the major geek and gaming media journalists and publishers were participating in bribery, staunch censorship, zealous identity politics, smear campaigns, and many other extreme forms of unethical journalism. These revelations sparked a rebellion of gamers who became tired and frustrated from supporting an industry that continuously abuses them and attempts to label them as misogynist, racists, and more. The mainstream media narrative that gamers hate women is wrong. The mainstream geek and gaming media do not speak to gamers or for gamers!

Our take on the matter

Our view at GamersByte is that gamers want to play great games. That’s it.  Journalism’s mission is to deliver honest facts and information to present to the reader.  The job of journalists is to inform their audience, nothing more. Journalism and gaming should not be the catalyst for politicization and policing information.

You are welcome to join us!

GamersByte are a project in its early stages of life. I welcome you to join our community and be a part of a great outlier in the gaming press. We want to hear from you! Please feel free to write to the community in the forum, particpate in the comments of stories, or write us directly by using the contact form at the footer of the site. Thank you!