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Professor He Yaling in Xi‘an Jiaotong University was elected the national teaching model in 2015
Date:Oct 15, 2015

Since April, 2015, the central media carried out the sixth national teaching and education model selection activities. After the provincial recommendation, the media illustration, the public vote, the Organizing Committee selection, a total of 10 national teaching and education model are elected, including HeYaling.


Character link: He Yaling, female, Han nationality, born in September 1963, Chinese Communist Party member, Professor of energy and power engineering, Xi’an JiaoTong University. She has long insisted on the teaching work, with remarkable teaching effects , and has many times been as "my mind‘s excellent teacher" by the students. She has supervised more than 100 masters and doctoral degrees, and one of them has been awarded an excellent doctoral degreethesis in China. She focuses on team building, carefully nurtured young teachers and students. The team was awarded the first outstanding national teaching team. She served as chief scientist of 973 projects, presided over the completion of a number of research projects, and made an important contribution to the national economic and social development. She has won the national model teachers, national teaching masters, national teaching achievement award andother honors.


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