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Students from School of Energy and Power Engineering won Second Place in Sino-Russian Student Competition in Innovative Power Engineering
Date:Jul 9, 2015

From June 29 to July 4, students and teachers from Xi’an Jiaotong University participated a series activities of “2015-Asrtu in Perm” held in Perm, Russia, which is sponsored by Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities. PhD candidates LI Mingjia, graduate students HU Zhengtao and TIAN Huidong from School of Energy and Power Engineering formed a team to take part in the Innovative Power Engineering Competition. They presented a design “Intelligent Starting Energy -saving Control System of a New Diesel Engine” and a fierce defense, and got the second place.

17 teams from China and Russia participated the activity. Students exchanges views and made presentation in four aspects: Power Resource Saving Technologies, Power Management, Alternative and Renewable Power Sources, and Innovations in the Power Engineering. This activity not only enhanced mutual understanding of advantages and technological specialties in energy technology between universities of Sino-Russia, but also the friendship among young students, which laid a foundation for future activities under the frame of Asrtu.

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