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Xi’an Jiaotong University, Pusan National University and LG Electronics signed Cooperation Agreement to enhance University-Enterprise Cooperation
Date:Apr 2, 2015

On the afternoon of May 23rd at Room 107 in Science Hall, as the founding of the University of Alliance of the New Silk Road by Xi’an Jiaotong University, presidents of Xi’an Jiaotong University(XJTU), Pusan National University(PNU) and LG Electronics signed exchange agreement between two universities and cooperation agreement among three paries to promote exchange and cooperation in aspects of talents training, specialty construction, technology and talent exchange, human resource supply, technique development and service, transformation of sci-tech achievement, etc.

LG already has strong and long links with PNU. Through the collaborative works, LG and PNU have achieved well-tailored systematic research capability of the energy technology for the HVAC &R system. LG intends to expand this technology to the area of the next-generation green technical solutions by the collaboration with the parties. This will include the development of technology for the total energy solution of the future HVAC&R system. XJTU has many areas of the technical strength and academic research interest on advanced design technology for energy and environmental systems. PNU intends to develop its research competency to ensure its local capabilities and facilities are truly world-class in the area of innovative energy technology to support any potential joint research that parties may agree to pursue.

After the signing of the agreement, teachers from School of Energy and Power Engineering, School of Management, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Humanities & Social Science and School of Marxism communicated with delegations from PNU. Prof. Hongchan Chun, chief of the International Cooperation and Exchanges in PNU, introduced English teaching program for international students and exchange students to attract overseas students including Chinese students. Teachers in XJTU discussed issues of talent cultivation, sci-tech as well as international exchange and cooperation with PNU.

Besides, invited by Dean Feng Zhenping, academician Tao Wenquan of School of Energy and Power Engineering and Chief Liang Li from International Cooperation and Exchanges, President of LG Electronics China Shin Moonbum presented a speech at Room 207 in Science Hall. Mr. Shin Moonbum made an introduction about LG Electronics first, and then the development of LG Electronics in China, CSR activity, LG Electronics strategy in China, the future cooperation and social contribution between XJTU and LG which made students to understand how such a company to become a pioneer in industry in pursuit of excellent quality, paying attention to giving back to society and after-sales service as well as the eager to cooperative with universities. The speech Big Win won a great success among students.

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