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Thermal Power Engineering

Institute of turbomachinery was the earliest teaching and research division in the specialty of thermal turbines including steam turbine and gas turbine inChina, which was set up inJiaotongUniversityin 1952. In 1956 it fostered the first graduates, and in 1959 it started to recruit graduated students. In early1980’the institute can confer the master degree, doctoral degree and offer post-doctoral research in power engineering and engineering thermophysics. Institute of turbomachinery is one of the key construction disciplines supported by the “211 Project” and “985 Project” of Xi’an Jiaotong University. In 2002, the discipline of Power Machinery and Engineering was passed the state evaluation and became the state key discipline. At present, the institute has 16 staff, including 6 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 7 lecturers and 1 technician, among them 14 staff obtained Ph.D. degree.

Up to now, more than 2700 undergraduate students, 240 graduate students graduated from the institute. Several textbooks written or edited by the specialty are widely used as the textbooks in the field of thermal turbomachinery at many universities around the country. Over 40 scientific and technological achievements of the institute were awarded by the Ministry of Education and the provincial governments in the past 25 years. The institute has close cooperative relationships with the universities and professors inUnited States,United Kingdom,Germany,Japan,Belgiumand Korean in both academic and personal exchanges.

Research Fields

(1)  Aerothermodynamics in turbomachinery

(2)  Multi-phase flow modeling and simulation in turbomachinery

(3)  Cooling and sealing technologies in gas turbine

(4)  Combustions modeling and simulation in gas turbine combustor

(5)  Multi-phase flow measurements techniques in turbomachinery

(6)  Microturbine technology and distributed energy system

(7)  Fault diagnosis and monitoring in turbomachinery

(8)  Combined cycle technology and energy engineering

(9)  Advanced coal-fired power cycle

(10) Turbomachinery strength and vibration

(11) Multi-disciplinary optimization design in fluid machinery

(12) Bio-fluid mechanics

Research Facilities

The laboratory of institute of turbomachinery covers2700m2space with 13 turbine experimental beds and some special measurement equipments. It possesses 3D flowmaster stereoscopic PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry)  including  the basis of PLIF (Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence), High speed camera and Film data analysis system (type E-10 and Movias100), Particle size analyzer (Type Malvern 2604), Dynamic and static data acquisition system (12 channel and 16 channel), Focus II Dynamic signal analyzer (16 channel analog inputs, 2 analog outputs), Visionxp 16-channel portable data recorder (16 channel analog inputs, 1 channel analog outputs).

The experimental facilities include Plane cascade test-bed, Wet steam wind tunnel test-bed, Water drops impact for metal material test-bed, Radial-inflow turbine test-bed, Steam turbine test-bed, Rotor erosion oscillation test-bed, Plane cascade test-bed of gas-solid two-phase flow, Liquid atomizing and spray test-bed, gas-solid two-phase flow test-bed with high temperature, Annular cascade test-bed, Ceramic filter test-bed with high temperature, and Micro gas turbine performance test-bed.

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