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Compressor Engineering

Brief Introduction

Dated back to 1956, theInstituteofCompressorin Xi’an JiaoTong University is a unity of teaching and scientific research of professional institute, which is the first civil base of the senior personnel training and technology research in the field of compressor. Being one of the important components of the “Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering” National Key Discipline, our institute is also one of the backbone unit of the “Country Engineering Center of Fluid machinery and Compressor”. Researching mainly on the various volumetric compressors (including the refrigeration compressor) and its system of the thermal process and the dynamic characteristics, we have a very important position and great influence on the international compressor and refrigeration technology area.

Curriculum structure

Theory of The Volumetric Compressor

Structure Design of the Reciprocating Compressor

 Structure Design of the Rotary Compressor

 System and Equipment of Compressor

Research field

(1)  Thermal process research of the screw compressor and optimization design of the efficient screw tooth shape.

(2)  Research on the energy system of the auto fuel cell and the expansion-booster compressor development.

(3)  Research on the huge-size and high-speed reciprocating compressor.

(4)  System of the air cooled heat pump and its compressor characteristics.

(5)  Structure optimization and the industry manufacture technology of the scroll compressor.

(6)  Research on the compressor and its system of the room air conditioning, refrigerator and automotive air conditioning.

(7)  Research on the CFD numerical computation and multiphase flow of the main and auxiliary machinery of compressor.

(8)  Adaptive control of the linear motor and its application in the refrigerator compressor.

(9)  The innovation research on the new energy-saving power machinery.

Research infrastructure

Having several sets of the high-speed data acquisition and measurement device, our institute can do research on the p-V figure, pressure pulsation, law of the air valve movement and other process characteristics of the compressor. The high performance special test instrument can meet the compressor noise and vibration research’s needs. In addition, we also have the screw refrigeration compressor test rig, the characteristic of the air cooled heat pump test rig, the CO2 transcritical cycle laboratory furniture, the characteristic of the small ice storage system and its intelligent control test rig, the compressor lubricants evaluation test bench and other 16 types of test-bed, which provide a very strong security for the relative scientific research subject and the innovative personnel training of all levels.

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