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Internal Combustion Engine



Institute of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) in Xian Jiaotong University was originated from the Institute of ICEof Jiaotong University, which was built in 1953. In 1956, the majority of the institute, including faculties and facilities, was   moved   from   Shanghai   to   Xian,   following   the Macro-Control Policies of the Ministry of Education of the State Council of China. In 1981 and 1986, the Institute was respectively authorized by the Ministry of Education to offer Masters Degree and Doctors Degree level courses. In 2000, the Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Engineering Research Center was built. In 2002, the Institute obtained the Certification of the State Key Disciplines in the field of Power Machinery Engineering (only 6 Universities overall Chinaown this certificate).

At present, the Institute has a faculty of 6 professors, 8 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and one technicians. The research work covers both practical engines and fundamental combustion investigations. The institute holds tight collaborations with a variety of world top universities and research institutions.


Research Interests (+)and Facilities(*)


+     Engine performance of alternative and Surrogate Fuels

+     Electronic control system of both spark ignition and compression ignition engines

+     Engine combustion and spray modeling

+     Fundamental investigation of alternative & surrogate Fuels

+     Hydrogen enriched hydrocarbon combustion and applications

+     Aerodynamics of laminar flames

+     Ignition, extinction and flammability phenomena

+     Fire safety and explosion hazards

+     Ionization current detection,generation and application

*     A variety of test engines, including direct injection natural gas engine, spark ignition engines, and high pressure common rail diesel engines

*     HORIBAs on-board emissions measurement systems

*     Computer clusters and softwares such as Star CD, AVL-Fire, Boost, KIVA, etc.

*     LaVisons Spray-Master for spray characteristics investigation

*     Laser-induced Fluorescence

*     High pressure combustion chamber for flame speed measurement

*     Shock-tube ignition delay time measurement system



+     +  Two  text  books  (Principles of  Internal  Combustion Engines, Advanced Internal Combustion Engines”) have been widely used in almost all universities in China

+     More than 10 awards of the Province level

+     10 times the Best Thesis of Xian Jiaotong University, 5 times  the Best Thesis of Shaanxi Province

+     Developed the 1st  Ultra-Low Emission DME vehicle in China

+     +  More than 10 “National Natural Science Foundation, 4 “National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 program), and 1 “National Key Construction Program of China (985 project)

+     Published  more  than  200  papers  in  international journals


 Pictures and Stories

The    Ultra-low   emission   DME

vehicle       developed       by      the


The   zero    emission  electronic vehicle             developed                by                 the


The   shock-tube  ignition  delay

time measurement system

The       Planar        Laser-induced

Fluorescence system

Chairman of the Association of International ICE invited to give a talk  in a conference hosted by

the Institute

A student of the Institute given a Princeton     T-shirt     by      his co-supervisor in Princeton University




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